Welcome. This is a journal on topics of biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology, biotechnology, biophysics, and other allied fields that contribute to the ultimate test of our understanding of science – biology, physics, chemistry and the human body – Computer Aided Drug Design and Molecular Pharmacology.

As the Principal, College of Pharmacy, Madras Medical College, Prof Jerad Suresh says, “God unravels his mysteries only to the scientist”. For centuries, we have been intrigued in our pursuit of knowledge of the mysterious. We try to decipher one subject of our observations with another subject that we think we have understood. For example, as mentioned in a post categorized under opinion, we try to understand biology and chemistry with our knowledge of math and physics. Simulating the former problems (in biology and chemistry) on a computer that knows only 0’s and 1’s is not only a test of our observation of the problems, but also of the approach we use to understand these problems (math, physics and computer science). This is what captured my attention when I studied the topics of Computer Aided Drug Design, Quantum Physics, Molecular Physics and Molecular Chemistry during my Master of Science at University of the Pacific (see about) under Prof. rer. nat. Drs. Dieter Cremer and Elfi Kraka currently at Southern Methodist University.

About the blog: If you teach, research or wish to learn about drug discovery and design, chem/informatics, medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology, molecular modeling, computational chemistry/ biology, etc., then this site is an appropriate starting point.  It is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary collection of research papers and concepts delivered to you in simple and readily digestible way. Some general concepts regarding the depth, breadth and the hierarchy of topics in this blog along with useful comparisons that accelerate understanding of topics form the basis for this site. Do take a moment to go through these and discuss! I, Curator, hope that the contents will be useful to teachers and students of all ages.


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